Boat Launch etc.

Boat Launch

The gate is currently locked pending resolution of property issues and access rights. We will post developments as the situation evolves. The province and HRM are seeking alternative boat launch arrangements for the lake. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact your local representatives.

Boat Launch Update

We are currently having discussions with all parties involved, and unfortunately, no one with authority (the landowner or owners, HRM or the Province) has provided any instructions to Friends of First Lake on what can or can’t be done on the properties involved. We ask for your patience as we continue seeking more information and clarity on what the next steps will be. In the meantime, we ask everyone to please respect the fact that burial remains may be located under or near  parts of the trail. If you have additional questions or concerns, please contact the local MLA and Councillor and encourage them to resolve this matter. We will share further updates as soon as we know more. Thank you.

Kinsmen Beach

Bounded by First Lake Drive, Glendale Drive, Cobequid Road, and Metropolitan Avenue, the trails around First Lake make up a portion of Sackville Lakes Provincial Park.

The land surrounding the lake is home to the Sackville Sports Stadium, the Kinsman Park, the Sackville Arena, the Bingo Centre, Taiso Gymnastics, the Sack-A-Wa Canoe Club and the Eddie Leblanc Baseball Field. If you are looking for  information about Kinsmen beach, please click this link

Tactile Signs

For the Visually impaired The Glen Slauenwhite Trail has installed Tactile Signs

Troy checking out the new signs with guidedog MO

Troy checking out the new signs with guidedog MO