A volunteer group is only as strong as it’s membership. As volunteers, we all have busy lives and many commitments, however, we give a small amount of our free time towards Friends of First Lake and the betterment of our community, Lower Sackville. However, more help is always needed! If you are interested in being on our email distribution list or attending a meeting, please contact us.

We are not a high pressure group, any time that you are willing to contribute would be greatly appreciated but you decide how involved you would like to be.

Individual memberships are only $5 per year of which 100% go directly to our Trail and Lake initiatives and are valid for one year. Memberships are renewable at the date of the annual general meeting.

To register all you have to do is send an email to friendsoffirstlake@gmail.com asking to be registered. Once you are registered you will be sent an information package via email.
To pay for your membership you can
1.e-transfer  $5 to friendsoffirstlake@gmail.com
2. mail to, or drop off $5 in person (place in the mailbox outside) to 

     29 Rankin Drive

     Lower Sackville NS B4C3A7

3.Drop off  $5 in person (place in the mailbox outside at the above address) 

4. To pay for your membership online you may use PayPal for easy convenience. Those with no PayPal account will have the option to pay by credit card.