A volunteer group is only as strong as it’s membership. As volunteers, we all have busy lives and many commitments, however, we give a small amount of our free time towards Friends of First Lake and the betterment of our community, Lower Sackville.

We have a large email distribution list as well as a dedicated group of executive members. However, more help is always needed! If you are interested in being on our email distribution list or attending a meeting, please contact us.

We are not a high pressure group, any time that you are willing to contribute would be greatly appreciated but you decide how involved you would like to be.

Family memberships are only $10 per year of which 100% go directly to our Trail and Lake initiatives.

A great night with our members and other community groups at the Sackville volunteer appreciation dinner and awards ceremony. Monique Guilderson was honored as our volunteer of the year, pictured with Gorden Kyle. 


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