Click on link to access the trail plan  First Lake – Glendale Johnson Cres

The existing foot path is in dire need of restoration and new trail development. It currently poses access, environment and safety issues. Briefly in point form below are some additional reasons for this initiative.

  • Enhance safety on the trail for users
  • Monitor activity on the trail to preserve and protect the forest and lake
  • Broaden the reach and access for all hikers and all ages
  • Enhance the community by providing access and care of the trail
  • Enable accessibility of rescue should it be required
  • Further prevention of dumping, and cleanup of existing garbage and household items that do not belong
  • Further prevention of forest and lake damage due to purposefully tree cutting and removal
  • Care of injured or endangerment of wildlife and fish

Here’s a short video of the new section of trail we have just completed from Glendale to the intersection of Johnson Crescent and Chandler Drive. The bridge at the end has since been completed.

Click on the link and take a  Virtual Ride With Gordon Kyle – Glendale to Johnson Cres